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Sal / Palmeira


Diogo Gomes and Antonio Noli arrived to the island on 1460, but the arabs already knew her by its salt mines. Its tropical dry weather and its soft temperaturas throughout the year, together with paradisiac beaches, convert it into an ideal destination for everyone looking for the sea and wanting to practice any nautical sport. During almost all year, the trade winds are present which makes it really pleasurable to sail on the winward side of the island.
Our charter base is located on the bay at Port of Palmeira, 6 km from the airport.
22 miles from Santa Maria beach going south, we find the Isle of Boavista and surrounding the Ilheu of Sal Rey on the leeward side, we can anchor at the incredible beach of Chaves with its immense sand dunes.
66 miles from Palmeira by the windvane, we placidly arrive to CariÇal de Sâo Nicolau where we can anchor at the care of the winds in its peaceful bay and visit its Little fisherman´s town.
From its ten islands the furthest is Brava, 145 miles heading southeast.

2003 | 8 pers | 13.3 m | 4 Toilets   Sal / Palmeira
2006 | 12 pers | 14.05 m | 4 Toilets   Sal / Palmeira
2018 | 10 pers | 15.75 m | 3 Toilets   Sal / Palmeira
2019 | 10 pers | 15.75 m | 3 Toilets   Sal / Palmeira


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